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You have no idea  how many times I tried to write this post.  Every time Freddie falls asleep on me and I put him down he wakes up within minutes. And that’s what most of my days are like.

I try to amuse myself from the sofa and online shopping (and sales!) is becoming dangerous. After buying lots of stuff for the sprout from Petit Bateau, Polarn O Pyret, baby Gap and Jojo Maman Bebe, since he is growing fast and some of the baby grows are too small already, I decided to buy myself something. What could make me feel good in this winter weather? What item of clothing is the least likely to get baby sick on it? A coat! A Farhi coat in navy blue I have been coveting for a while, to be precise, was on sale at 50% so there was no stopping me. I clicked and bought it in a rare moment of freedom when the baby was happy enough to just be. They have not shipped it yet and I am getting impatient.

A pair of shoes would be a nice addition and I am rather taken by these Office options. Not sure which colour though… I already have black brogues so perhaps the beige would make a nice difference.

All of this paired with a stripy top and carrot style jeans could be my standard winter attire. And of course the bugaboo!

Perhaps a good breastfeeding option?

And spring brogues?

Ok, this is what happens if I get stuck with a baby in my arms. I should do something more intellectual like watch a movie or read a book. To be fair I am enjoying Steinbeck’s stories, some I read before, some I am reading for the first time.

And shorter stories too…

I am off for a stroll now, did I say how happy I am to have Richmond Park on my doorstep? It is stunning especially when the sun is shining. I will take some pictures to share.