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Unreliable Cow

I came home late on Friday evening, it was pouring down outside and after a day of crappy studio food I was really craving some curry.

My first choice was Bombay Bicycle Club but they had a shortage of drivers. I decided to go for the second option which is the Holy Cow.

After the order was placed I was told it will take 1 h 15 min. Bit tough but I can wait. I was a bit apprehensive as last time the food came late and it was cold.

I waited the advised time, another 15 min passed, nothing. The phone at Holy Cow seemed to be off the hook all the time, finally I got through and was told the food will be with me shortly meaning another 15 min! The apology was poor and I got a lousy offer of a free side dish with the next order. Truly laughable, like I’m ever to going to go for this place again!

Food was eventually delivered, over an hour late and all I heard from the delivery guy was ‘Sorry, not my fault’.

The food turned up barely warm as suspected. I will never ever order from Holy Cow again.