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Colors of the season

A couple of weeks ago we went to see our new house, on the way back we decided to take a stroll through Wimbledon Common, the weather was warm and sunny, the leaves just started to turn golden and we spotted these pretty guys:

London is absolutely freezing at the moment, gloves, scarves and woolly socks came out of the wardrobes, Clapham Common was covered with a film of frost, sun is shining making it look so pretty. But is it cold and that calls for some comfort food. Riverford had a special offer on squash boxes. They promised 3 types but I found 4 in mine.

I also got a little guide of what they are, to be perfectly honest I could only tell the butternut squash for sure, the orange ones I would just call pumpkins but they surely have a better name!

So apart from my butternut squash I got green kabacha, crown prince squash and I am not sure whether it is sugar pumpkin or red kabacha.

My usual squash repertoire is pumpkin soup, squash risotto or Indian curry, I have made pumpkin pie before and might do it again. But this amount calls for more exciting recipes so I scanned the web for some inspiration and here is what I found:

olive oil pumpkin bread, squash and hazelnut lasagne (I used to have a recipe for a squash lasagne which is delicious but can’t find it) and winter squash galette from A Chow Life

Smitten Kitchen has got lots of delicious sounding dishes like pumpkin muffins (handy when the new house repairs start), pumpkin waffles (just need the waffle maker), warm salad – this actually inspired me to make a roasted squash and hazelnut salad, acorn squash pizza looks very appetising too

Hugh’s chicken and pumpkin roast is a perfect winter dinner

Jamie’s laksa which I have tried last year, pure bliss

squash tart from Le Tartine Gourmande

Do you have any exciting squash recipes?