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Pancake Day

At the beginning of the year I flogged a lot of clothes on ebay, things that I kept packed away for the times they would become fashionable again, impulse buys, quick fashion fixes etc.

To my surprise a healthy amount accumulated in my paypal and my original thought was to take the money out and buy that stripy dress. But then I thought it’s going to end up on ebay in few years time after having lost its value and I will be left with few pounds. So I started to think about something that would stay with me for much longer and M reminded me of the Kitchen Aid mixer that we really really want but never can justify forking out a considerable amount of money for it. Ebay was the perfect place, very soon we found brand new and boxed black Artisan Kitchen Aid for much less than in the shops. And, lucky us, it had buy it now button. So we bought it. I was ecstatic!

I didn’t really want it to be posted as it is very heavy and I was afraid of possible damage. M was away in Wales and I decided to make a trip to Harrow to collect it myself. I started to wonder why would anyone want to sell a brand new mixer cheaply, it surely must be stolen goods! After committing to Saturday morning I started to think about the danger of going to some stranger’s house, the Street View confirmed the worst – it was a shabby council block. But I braved it, left the address with enough friends to be found should anything happen (yes, I was paranoid!). On my way there I got a text from the seller saying that he/she (I only knew the ebay name so had no idea about the gender which added to my distress) will meet me at the station with the mixer. It was a relief. And then even a greater relief, it turned out to be a nice enough lady, she doesn’t cook and got the mixer as a gift from her family, she thought it would be rude to ask for the receipt so couldn’t exchange it for a more suitable thing.

When I finally got home and unpacked the box, everything was spanking new and shiny and there was the receipt inside, the machine was bought 2 weeks earlier and the box was never opened.

The first thing I made with it was a batch of pancakes.

Pancake Day is one of my favorite days in a year. I usually eat healthily so having pancakes for dinner is a real treat. I suppose I could eat pancakes on any other day but I just don’t allow it myself, it could get out of control. And if I do eat them it is usually for breakfast or brunch.

My pancakes are not the most beautiful things in the world, I like them in various shapes and sizes, they are more fun that way.