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Hard times

After being bored at work for few weeks I am in the thick of it. I am working on a very exciting project for WHO’s Unitaid. Sending a very very small crew with a camera to Cambodia, Nepal and Zambia. As usual there is no time to do anything in a normal way, am stressed but happy at the same time to be busy again.

I started to cycle to work every day on my small blue bike with a basket which leaves me exhausted. I also do Pilates every Thursday which I love but yesterday I thought I would fall asleep, I guess this is a combination of cycling, stress, heat (no air con at work just stagnant hot air) and running around getting visas and vaccinations sorted for my crew. As the week goes by I get more and more tired.

I was so happy when I got home this evening, am home alone tonight, I made a dinner and just lounged on a sofa watching movies, flipping through magazines and blogs. I am about to have a lavender bath and read a book that I got absolutely hooked on – Crimson Petal and the White. I don’t really read much modern literature but was being persuaded by one friend for a while and given the book as a birthday gift by other two friends so I didn’t have much choice. I am all about the lives of Sugar and William and co in Victorian London.

This weekend I am going to get a haircut, my hair is a mess, I go to 10500 in Notting Hill and only get cut by Magda, she is wonderful. I am also going to hang out with a friend who is visiting from Amsterdam. Really looking forward to just chilling out and not doing much. I might take advantage of my friend’s pool, she lives in a crazy mock-Tudor apartment block with an outdoor pool with salt water instead of chlorine. Sounds very tempting.

I am off to get relaxed in lavender fragrance.

Notting Hill Carnival

The biggest street carnival in Europe takes place every last weekend of August in London’s Notting Hill.

I used to live in that area so had no choice but to be a part of it. Great time to have a party on the first day, not so great to listen to the sound systems on the second day when you face a major hangover.

The carnival is a messy, crowded, loud event, I would not go again. My only memories are loud music and curry goat, crowds of people, no space to move around and no toilets.

View from my old house on Ladbroke Grove.