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Sun, sea and bargain spotting

We had a last minute break last week to the Isle of Wight. M had a sudden week off and after much deliberation we picked our destination. The isle is not very far from London and after a bus, a train, a ferry and another train we were there.

We stayed in Shanklin, a charming seaside resort. The village was full of pretty cottages, coastal foot paths, hilly roads and hydrangeas – lots and lots of hydrangeas.

The beach was steps away from our hotel, we were lucky to have hot weather and Freddie got introduced to the sea and sand.

We visited The Garlic Farm where we ate excellent lunch, the best meal on the isle by a long way. We also had Minghella’s ice cream – apparently one of the best in the country. It was very nice and creamy and the farm had its own garlic flavoured one too but we skipped it. We also had a walk round the fields, it was a proper countryside with colourful meadows and buzzing bees.

Another beautiful place we visited was Shanklin Chine, it felt as if we were in a tropical forest. Lush and green it was the perfect oasis of calm.

There were more walks and sadly, not much great good. Actually, not much decent food as Shanklin itself failed to deliver even one tasty meal. The food was horrid and cream teas were lackluster. Our mistake was not having a car because according to my research there is good food to be had on the isle, just not in Shanklin. The public transport was crazily expensive, buses double the price of London, and having a baby meant we couldn’t venture out too far for dinners.

And now we come to bargains, we discovered a sweet little shop called Odds and Sods, it had a fantastic range of vintage cooking utensils, enamel dishes and general accessories. Bit pricey though. Instead we opted for charity shops where we scored a nice bowl and a plate and few Ladybird books. We also got a great Deco lamp shade in another vintage shop called A Piece of History.  Pictures bit later.

Shanklin you could be so lovely if you got the food right!