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Taste of London

Just came back from Regent’s Park, chilled to the bone but stuffed with wondeful food and happy, sipping mint tea to calm my stomach down a little. Pictures from the event will be uploaded on Monday since I took my friend’s camera and don’t have the cable till then. Above are some macarons from one of the stalls I got for my hubby, he is also getting a sweet goody bag from Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester.

Overall the event was relaxed, full of food lovers with a pinch of pretentious people like the wine bloke from BBC. There is a special currency – crowns. I suppose it saves everyone the mess of giving the correct change, you pay and go, it’s fast and efficient. Luckily, it was not overcrowded, the busiest part of the festival is tomorrow’s lunchtime. Got slightly chef star struck – Michel Roux Jr, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, Gary Rhodes, Atul Kochhar and Bryn Williams to name a few.

The food. Tried to stick to my list however I did change my mind few times. Everything I tried was excellent.

Started with the tagliatelle with truffle and broad beans from Ristorante Semplice, it was so good I can’t get it out of my head, the truffle generously shaved on top of the pasta. Heaven.

Truffle tagliatelle with broad beans

This was followed by lobster bisque with Courvoisier from Le Gavroche. I think Michel deserves another Michelin star for this rich delicious cup of lobstery goodness.

Lobster bisque

Then we moved onto goat cheese stuffed courgette flowers with honey from Salt Yard, such a perfect combination.

Cougette flower with goat’s cheese and honey

Followed by Benares, I planned to have the rose scented panna cotta however soft shell crab was another option, I settled on this in the end and it did not disappoint, crunchy spicy crab with citrus dressing, yum.

Spicy soft shell crab

Next was Pied A Terre’s pickled crab with chilled pumpkin and ginger soup, this had the most wonderful color and tasted amazing.

Last was Tom’s Kitchen, had a wondeful palate cleansing dessert of vanilla and raspberry mousse with raspberry jelly, the perfect finish. It was not the only desert I tried, I also had apple strudel from the Viennese stall, it was light like a cloud.

Unfortunately I missed Hugh’s presentation, only saw him later on signing books.

I loved every single bit of food I had, great experience, would do it again. Regret not being able to taste more food though.

Lazy Friday afternoon

The advertising land is DEAD. Everyone is going to Cannes for the ad festival next week so nothing is happening. Besides, the clients are cutting down on the advertising budgets so we might be in some dire straits soon. I am massively bored at the moment, reading all kind of food blogs, getting inspired and incredibly impatient because tonight I am off to Taste of London food festival! I actually made a list of things that I am going to eat, lots of seafood, mostly starters as these look way more exciting than mains, and lots of truffles.

Hugh will be there, I saw him on Channel 4 yesterday and there was bit about making sourdough bread, you need a starter which ferments over about one week. I am so on it from tomorrow. Love sourdough, in fact regular bread won’t do, I will not come near any supermarket bread, bakery only and here I mean boulangerie not Gregg’s. I will report all the stages here.

This is my shortlist for tonight, the absolute must eat dishes are in Italics:

Chilled pea velouté and ricotta scoop, crispy hazelnut bread from Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Rose scented panna cotta with Sarawak pepper oil from Benares

Char grilled chilli garlic black cod or char grilled chilli garlic shrimps from Dinings

Wasabi prawns – Tiger prawns with a spicy wasabi mayonnaise alongside little cubs of mango & Thai basil see from Kai Mayfair

Rhubarb & custard ice cream crumble from Launceston Place

Bisque de Homard √° Courvoisier from Le Gavroche

Miang – miang crab from Nahm

Lemon Posset, strawberries and basil from Odette’s

Picked crab with a chilled pumpkin and ginger soup, toasted seeds from Pied A Terre

Cod and potatoes ravioli with marjoram emulsion from Refettorio

Fresh tagliatelle, Caporicci’s summer truffle and broad beans from Ristorante Semplice

Papdi Channa Chaat – Spiced chickpeas with tamarind chutney and sweetened yoghurt sprinkled with gram flour crisps from Tamarind

Cape Sante – Scottish scallops with rocket, chilli, parsley, datterini tomatoes and lentils di Castelluccio from Theo Randall

A full report will follow. Less than 1.5 hours to go….