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Warsaw – food

I love Polish food, the smell of dill, beetroot, freshly baked bread and buns, apples. Perhaps because it reminds me of my childhood but also because it is very very tasty.

Fast food chains reached Poland only in the 90s and beforehand we only had booths selling fries and so called milk bars serving properly cooked dinners. Everyone is used to food cooked from scratch, with local and seasonal produce. Things surely changed now but the tradition is still strong.

During our visit bilberries and chanterelle mushrooms were in season and every restaurant had these on menu.

Breakfast is usually buns or sourdough bread served with butter, cheese (yellow and white, cottage style), cold cuts, smoked sausages, boiled or scrambled eggs, tomatoes and jam.

Breakfast places:


Ulica Oboźna 3, Warsaw

Fantastic cheap breakfast, choice of Polish, Communist, French Toast (not a sweet version but with ham and cheese, I was shocked), pancakes and good coffee.

Café 6/12

Ulica Żurawia 6-12, Warsaw

Stylish breakfast and lunch place, great smoothies, juices and huge coffees.

Gessler Deli

Krakowskie Przedmieście, Warsaw

Good option for a take away breakfast: bilberry, poppy seed or cheese buns.

Lunch used to be the main meal of the day but this is changing now since people work longer hours, offices used to close around 14.00.  Dinner used to be just a small sandwich but again this is changing too.

Lunch and dinner places:

U Kucharzy and U Kucharek

Ulica Ossolińskich 7, Warsaw

Two restaurants owned by the Gessler brothers, serving upmarket Polish food: beetroot soup, chicken broth, roasted goose, trout, beef stew. U Kucharek has got a nice outside area and the service is excellent.


Łazienki Park, entrance from Ulica Parkowa, Warsaw

A lovely restaurant, bar and café in a beautiful park. The food is amazing.

Qchnia Artystyczna

Łazienki Park, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

A brainchild of the Gessler sister, a modern restaurant serving Polish and Italian dishes. The potato cakes I had were good!


Ulica Zielona 37, Warsaw

An old telecom building, some of the Stalin/Churchill conversations were cabled through there, turned into a fantastic fusion restaurant by a Polish actress Kasia Figura. Bar serves great cocktails, my cosmo was delish.


Ulica Krzywe Koło 30, Warsaw

A great little pierogi place near the Barbican and Old Town centre, served baked from the oven, boiled or fried, stuffed with mushrooms, cheese and potatoes, cabbage and mushrooms, meat. Maybe bit touristy but you can dine in a cute outdoor area and the prices are wallet friendly.

Polskie Kwiaty

Wąski Dunaj 4/6/8, Warsaw

A traditional Polish restaurant serving herring with sour cream, rye soup with sausage, borscht, pierogi, potato cakes and potato dumplings, all the good things in life.

Zakąski Przekąski

Ulica Ossolińskich, Warsaw (on a corner of Ul. Ossolińskich and Krakowskie Przedmieście)

Old fashioned snack bar serving 8 dishes only, one of them is called ‘surprise’ and you will only find out what it is once your plate arrives. Very cheap good quality snacks and €1 vodka shots.


Aforementioned Kafka – good cake, sandwiches, pancakes, I must say, the service is very slow but when the food arrives you forget about it and tuck in.

Miedzy Nami

Ulica Bracka 20, Warsaw

Warsaw’s fashion crowd hangout.

Czuły Barbarzyńca

Ulica Dobra 31, Warsaw

Café/book store. Good coffee and excellent baked cheesecake however the place stinks of cigarette smoke.

Numery Litery

Ulica Wilcza 26, Warsaw

Another café/book store, very laid back, great for chilling out.

Belle Epoque

Ulica Freta 18, Warsaw

A great period interior with a vast selection of teas. Very nice service. I can only imagine visiting it on a cold autumn evening, felt so cozy.

For good pastries and cakes pop in to any patisserie in sight, these are called ‘Cukiernia’. Doughnuts, buns and cream cakes are to die for.

Warsaw part 2

Our 3rd day in Warsaw was spent on exploring. We started with a breakfast at Kafka which was super delicious and consisted of cheese, cold cuts, jam and bread.

Afterward we went to the river Vistula, had a look at the Warsaw University Library along the way, it has a great roof garden.

On the way to the river we bought a bag of cherries from a small green grocer, what struck me immediately is that the shop only sold seasonal home grown produce cheaply. I miss these kind of shops so much. We sat by the river and ate, it really reminded me of my childhood.

We spent most of the day by the river, crossing the Swietokrzyski Bridge, getting lost in Warsaw streets, eating doughnuts and buying produce from street merchants. I got some nice honey and bilberries. In the evening we met up with a friend and drove to the beautiful Wilanow Palace – a baroque country retreat for the royals now turned into museum. It was really nice to leave the buzzing city behind and have a drink in a park.

Our last day was spent on organising train tickets from the absolutely horrible and dirty central station. The station is overshadowed by the monster of Warsaw – The Palace of Culture and Science – Stalin’s gift to Poland.

I stared and stared at the building and was trying to understand how anyone could approve the plans for it. It’s huge and bulky, Gothic and classical at the same time, horribly ornamented and clumsy. Understandably, hated by Varsovians.

Sculpture of youth with The Communist Manifesto

On the way back to the hotel we visited Zacheta National Gallery of Art, it only had a very small show on and not a very good one either, the main part was closed.

More eye pleasing architecture near our hotel, on Pilsudski Square, is The Metropolitan building designed by Sir Norman Foster. I found it interesting and elegant.

Our last dinner in Warsaw was at Zapiecek, bit too folky, bit too touristy but very very delicious! Each of us had a plate of dumplings, mine Russian style and hubby’s with wild mushrooms. After dinner we walked to KOM for a cocktail, the interior is average but the service and drinks were excellent. I heard the food is pretty good too.

We were sad to leave the city but excited about vising Silesia. In the end we decided to skip visit to Lodz, maybe next time, we had way too much fun in the capital.

I definitely haven’t seen enough of the city so will surely be back.