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Cooking day

I have been very busy at work and all I wanted to do this weekend was to chill out and cook.

On Sunday I baked marble cake….

…followed by 2 hours of making dumplings. People always ask me why don’t I cook Polish dishes but they are so time consuming that I hardly ever have the time.

So the dumpling (pierogi) epic started with Sunday morning lecture of Chekhov’s stories. I started to crave Russian style dumplings, these are filled with quark, boiled potatoe and fried onion mixture.

I prepared the filling, seasoned it and put it away in the fridge.

The hard part is preparing the dough, it is tough, you mix flour with a pinch of salt, very little water and some egg (1 egg per 1kg of flour but it is optional). You kneed the dough till it’s smooth and elastic and leave it to rest for 30 min.

Next step is to roll it out thinly and cut out round shapes. Put a little bit of filling in the middle, fold it and seal it – my technique is to press it with a fork.

Throw the dumplings into a large pan of boiling water and cook for a couple of minutes after they come up to the surface. Now you can serve these just cooked with fried onions in olive oil and butter or the decadent way – in cream. Or you can fry them with onions and serve them with cream, I actually settled for yogurt.

After all this food I watched Allen’s Husbands and Wives which I didn’t enjoy that much and started to read Generation A.

Big difference to my last weekend however I have a hard week ahead so need to take it easy.

Nice things in life

…Being a Tate member I have just received an email informing me that one of my favorite jewellery designers, Tatty Devine, has launched an exclusive line in cooperation with the gallery, check it out here. Just looked at their website as well and found this brooch, I want!

…Yesterday I had a discussion with my colleagues about lycra vs normal clothing on a bike. I will not be seen in lycra outfits ever and feel more than comfortable wearing skirts, dresses and heels (within reason). I come from the continent after all and lived in Amsterdam for 7 years. So when on my way home I was waiting for the lights to change, being taken over by a number of racing lycra clad people, (I was wearing a stripy Vivienne Westwood skirt, a vest, cute TD brooch, aviators, flip flops and my Bern helmet), a couple of passers by said how cool I looked and gave me thumbs up (did I mention my pushbike is old and has a basket?). That made me smile.

…Just discovered that Dave Eggers has a new book out called Zeitoun. He is one of very few contemporary writers I like and cannot wait to read it…..maybe after Generation A though.

Three things to look forward to in September


Douglas Coupland’s new book Generation A. I should re-read Generation X beforehand.


September Issue has been on my LoveFilm waitlist for a while, the DVD release is on 14th September.


Scott Schuman’s book.