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A year of art

So this is my last sum-up of the year…

As usual, London delivered some amazing exhibitions this year  however not as many as the couple of previous years, here is a brief list of my favorite ones:

Funny and smart works of John Baldessari at Tate Modern.



Amazing paintings by Elizabeth Payton at Whitechapel Gallery.


A great introduction to Futurism at Tate Modern.


My favorite photography exhibition – André Kertész On Reading at The Photographer’s Gallery.


Sunning works at Turner and the Masters at Tate Britain.


And I still must catch Ed Ruscha at Hayward, Norman Parkinson at Somerset House and RA’s Jacob Epstein, Henri Gaudier-Brzeska and Eric Gill. Let alone all the upcoming shows, my new year’s resolutions should be: don’t leave too many shows till the last minute!

Long long weekend

I feel slightly spoiled, after a week away I took this Friday off as well since my friend was visiting from Amsterdam, on top of it Monday is a bank holiday meaning 4 day weekend and two 4 day work weeks.

The weather was nice and on Friday my friends and I walked to Brixton Market and had a quick bite at Rosie’s and a massive catchup.

Saturday was not bad either and we had a picnic by my friend’s pool (yes, an outdoor pool in London!). I made an apricot cake, same recipe as tea cakes but in one piece and baked for about an hour, apricots and ground almonds on top. I love this recipe, it is so adaptable and the cake is not too sweet.

Sunday came and so did the autumn, tricked by the sunshine outside I put on a summer dress and was off for a day in town. Oh my Lord, I was so cold and felt totally silly with my summer attire, luckily I was not the only one. I didn’t give up though and off we went to Tate Modern to see a couple of exhibitions.

Natalia Goncharova ‘The Cyclist’

The first one was Futurism, this starts with Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto and has a great representation of artists including Boccioni, Carrà, the Cubist movement, Russian avant-garde and the Duchamp brothers to name very very few. The show explains the relationship with Cubism as well as movements directly created from it like Orphism and Vorticism with great examples of all of them. There is Boccioni’s Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, Duchamp-Villon’s The Large Horse, Robert Delaunay’s The Cardiff Team, Natalia Goncharova’s The Cyclist (one of my favorite painting in the exhibition), Severini’s vibrant The Dance of the Pan-Pan at the “Monico” and Nevinson’s La Mitraillause.

C.R.W. Nevinson ‘La Mitraillause’

The Futurists loved speed, movement, modern machinery, streets, telegraphs, cars, planes, war. Morinetti was massively opposed pretty much the whole past, especially English decorative arts, romanticism, Pre-Raphaelits, revival trends and so on. He was also a misogynist and called for women to become more masculine so both sexes are the same, this strongly emerged in Russia where male and female artists became equal, one of the best being Liubov Popova, something that did not happen in Europe till much later.

Futurism died with the WWI, it was revived after the war but very soon it was overtaken by the … future, and other trends that evolved from it like Art Deco, Constructivism, Surrealism and Dada.

Robert Delaunay ‘The Cardiff Team’

I came out of the exhibition feeling very well informed, I finally fully understood the movement and wanted to find out more. The exhibition ends on the 20th of September.

We also had a look at Per Kirkeby’s show, I must admit, I am not a fun.

Then we headed to town to grab a bite at Pollo Bar in Old Compton Street where we indulged on pizza and good Chianti.

We finished the day by popping to few shops to check out the winter collections, high on my list is a winter coat and the first contender is this A.P.C. beauty but single breasted.

Now I am sitting wrapped in a woolly cardigan, drinking a cup of tea and planning tomorrow. I also must find the time to go to The Hayward, The Serpentine and The Whitechapel galleries before the exhibitions change.

I finally got my last disc of Mad Men, it was a very painful realisation that it will be a while before season three comes out in UK but the clever people at AMC made the 1st episode available online, fingers crossed they will do it every week!

Lists, lists and more lists

I work in production and therefore I am constantly making lists of things to do, crossing things off the list is my geeky pleasure.

Since I was a tad tired yesterday after Saturday night’s shenanigans I only managed to cycle to the bakery to buy some bread; have tasty lunch of egg salad with chives, tomatoes with spring onions and radishes; finished Vonnegut’s short stories (moved onto Palm Sunday later on); curl up in bed like a cat and have a nap; get up and go for a walk and have an ice cream; watch some silly TV shows, eat dinner and think about things that need to be done. And here they are:

Bring clothes to dry cleaners

Air all cashmere and angora items, I had moths some time ago which left me paranoid for life

List all unwanted dresses on ebay -  have a bagful of items that is getting smaller, luckily! still way to go. Need to flog those MJ wellies too, a very silly purchase given that I love my Hunters

Go to Greenwich Market and try to find a good frame that can be painted, can be done on Sunday only

Frame the fab print that hubs got me for Christmas

Get supermarket delivery of tins, dry goods and cleaning products, am in dire need of the wonderful Ecover laundry bleach

Sort out all old family pictures that use to belong to my grandparents and put them into an album

Go to Gap to buy some socks and undies since Topshop decided they will aim at single 15 year olds

Get a birthday gift for my brother

Buy sandals, I rather fancy these Acne ones, this KG pair is not bad either, or perhaps these Pied A Terre

Plan a little anniversary trip, if the weather is good Whitstable would be perfect

Perhaps pay a visit to the Bristol City Museum to see the Banksy show, looks interesting

Definitely go and see Richard Long at Tate Britain and Futurism at Tate Modern along with any other shows they have. Hey, I am a member!

Make sure to visit Serpentine’s Jeff Koons exhibition, however I should wait till mid July when the Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa pavilion is up

Keep reading the pile of books that I managed to accumulate

Well, this is it for now, I am sure this list will grow.