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What I did in October

Tomorrow is November, can you believe it? We experienced a small heat wave and freezing cold mornings in the same month. Even though the weather is fairly mild we are approaching winter very fast. This makes me dream of all things woolly and I decided to make time and knit a hat and a scarf for my boy.

My model wasn’t very cooperative and every attempt ended up in tears. He keeps pulling his hats off, successfully most of the time.

The yarn is Debbie Bliss cashmerino which is super warm and soft.

What makes me feel happy are not only warm things to wear but also warm things to eat, especially stews and soups. A couple of weeks ago, totally randomly, I bought Martha Stewart Living where I found a recipe for beef and barley soup. It was one of the best winter soups ever and will definitely stay on the menu.

As I mentioned I went back to work. I actually quit my job and went freelance. It was great to be in Soho for a week but I was missing my son a lot. I found that I was rushing to work in the morning because I wanted to stay a bit longer with the boy and then I rushed back in the evening hoping to catch him before bedtime, I only managed it once. Mind you, he kept waking me up throughout the night to makes up for the lost time. Going to work on the train meant I finally got a chance to test my Kindle on the public transport and what a great gadget it is. Even though I was nearly glued to someone’s back I could still enjoy reading – it’s the perfect size and weight and no flipping pages meant I could get lost in my novel. I read Therese Raquin by Emil Zola, some say it is his best book. I wouldn’t go as far but it is one of his greatest achievements for sure.

I managed to see Degas at Royal Academy, fantastic studies of light and body movements, sketches and his photographs – I had no idea he took photos. There were also quite a few examples of Muybridge. Degas is my favorite Impressionist but the show was missing something, a star picture perhaps. Or maybe it is the space which I don’t particularly like, I tend to enjoy the smaller shows much more.

We are off to Wales for the Bonfire Night and I have yet another classic pie recipe to share. I was also hoping to see the Soviet exhibition but the boy is sick and moody so this is going to happen later.