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Winter time

I haven’t blogged for a while, I’ve been totally swamped at work and had to sort out my house a little. Have a few things to catch up on: holidays in Naples and Dublin, Christmas and few exhibitions.

I’ve been rushing recently to see all the autumn shows before they finish and was left slightly underwhelmed. The only one that I really really liked was Francis Bacon at Tate Britain, went to see it three times. Very dark, aggressive, sad but beautiful pictures. Lots of emotions, lots of drama. In addition to this while in Dublin I went to the Hugh Lane Gallery where Bacon’s studio is recreated, more about it soon.

Tate Modern’s Rothko and Cildo Meireles exhibitions were ok, nothing to rave about though (to be perfectly honest I cannot get too excited about Rothko’s paintings so take no notice). Meireles’ show included two rooms with limited amount of visitors allowed and the queues were up to 1h for both, I lost interest. I did like the Babel tower and the crazy clock/measuring tape room but didn’t quite get what did the artist mean by the latter one. Conceptual art doesn’t do it for me.

The Turner Prize show was very disappointing, I went twice to see if any of the work will grow on me – it did not.

The Cold War of Design at V&A had a lot of different media on display but lacked strong pieces, I thought it was a little bit confused and missed the point.

V&A runs two more exhibitions – Fashion v Sport (which is probably finished now) and Magnificence of Tsars. The latter one is worth the visit. It shows some amazing pieces from 1720 to 1917: coronation clothes, casual wear and army uniforms. All stunningly made, fantastic craftsmanship.

Royal Academy tempted me with Byzantium – unfortunately another disappointment. There were few interesting objects like the amazing micro-mosaics and pretty little boxes but overall the show lacked something, it was really hard to compare the works, see how art developed over the period of over thousand years. Besides I had a feeling of being ripped off – the tickets were £12 per person and lots of the works came from British Museum and the V&A.

I just wonder, are we so spoiled by the choice in London and become too picky?

Autumn Exhibitions – London

It’s only the 2nd of September but it feels like autumn has been with us for a while. Rainy days, cold wind, Wellington boots and umbrellas are the daily reality.

I love autumn, in fact it is my favorite season, but I feel I didn’t have enough sunny days this year.

So what’s out there to look forward to? Well, there is great fashion, few good movies coming out, stodgy food, golden leaves and open fire, there are also few very exciting exhibitions coming out.

Victoria and Albert Museum presents Cold War Modern: Design 1945-1970. This exhibition will focus of post war design from around the world, it will show how design was shaped by history and the difference between the West and the Iron Curtain. It will cover design, architecture, film and art of that period. Opens September 25th.

The Hayward Gallery will be showing Andy Warhol Other Voices, Other Rooms from October the 7th. It will be a major retrospective of the artist’s films, TV programmes, painting and illustrations. I wonder what the connection with Capote will be?

Francis Bacon exhibition starts on 11th September at Tate Britain. It will include the triptych Thee Studies for the Crucifixion and portraits of Pope Innocent X. This is something I am really looking forward to see. Furthermore the Turner Prize is back.

Tate Modern – Rothko exhibition opens on 26th September, perfect for everyone who likes big canvases with soft squares.

Royal Academy will show two big exhibitions: objects from collection of the Fondation Maeght by Miró, Calder, Giacometti, Braque from October 4th, and Byzantium 330-1453 from October 25th.

From 15th October National Gallery will treat us with great masters in Renaissance Faces – Van Eyck to Titian.

Apart from the current blockbuster Hadrian at the British Museum look out for Babylon exhibition starting on 13th November.

National Portrait Gallery will have few shows, one of them is a must see – Annie Leibovitz A Photographer’s Life 1990-2005. Starts October 16th.

Additional treats are the opening of the new Saatchi Gallery in October and ICA scrapping their entry fee.

This autumn will be exciting!