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All about films


I have been watching a whole lot of movies lately. The lovely people at Love Film gave me extra film credits to make up for the postal strike and I also discovered that I can watch a lot of films on their website that are included in my subscription. Happy days!


I started with Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day which is your typical, very predictable yet sweet chick flick. I was very impressed by the amazing Art Deco interiors and super stylish 30s outfits. I especially liked the day dresses the main character and her friend wear and the impeccable accessories. I haven’t seen such a stylish film for some time, the look makes you forget the silly plot. I am also very tempted to read the book by Winifred Watson.

Then I watched The Private Lives of Pippa Lee which is a rather sad story of marriage, friendship, life in suburbs and strange encounters. Overall pretty depressing.

Moving onto Barfly. I am a huge fan of Charles Bukowski and have read all his novels. I admire his wit, humour and honesty; at some point I only read his books until a slight overdose where I had to put his short stories away. Barfly is about Bukowki’s alter ego Henry Chianski who is the protagonist of all his books so knowing the author’s style I found it funny and warmed up to the character immediately. Perhaps it’s high time to reach for those short stories again.

I was rather happy to watch Northanger Abbey based on Jane Austin’s novel of the same title. Yet another hit adapted by Andrew Davies with the wonderful Carey Mulligan as Isabella Thorpe. I am such a sucker for costume drama and this one was done really well.

I also tried to watch Emma with Kate Beckinsale but I was rather unimpressed comparing it to the recent BBC version so I gave it up.

I finally watched The September Issue and found it so dull and controlled. It’s good to see the behind the scenes of Vogue life but there was no little details to make it interesting and sexy.

Next on the agenda is Bridesheads Revisited, one of my all time favorite series and Woody Allen’s Sleeper.


Every year BBC produces an excellent period drama and I am a real sucker for these. In the perfect world it would be written by Andrew Davies.

Last year I was treated to Tess of the D’Urbervilles (I was crying my eyes out, book had the same effect on me) and Davies’ Little Dorrit which was excellent.

I was wondering what treats will come my way this year and it turns out there is a new adaptation of Jane Austin’s Emma which I watched last night and ITV are showing The Forsyte Saga as of next Sunday which is one of my favorite novels ever, I haven’t seen this adaptation before so fingers crossed it’s good.

I really enjoyed the first episode of Emma and it made me reach for the book as I couldn’t possible wait a week to see what will happen next!

Autumn is already looking better!