Getting cozy inside


With colder, wetter weather and shorter days we spend significantly more time indoors so it is always this time of year that inspires me to do some changes inside the house. Today we went down to a local car boot sale with a mission to buy gardening tools for the allotment but we ended up buying this sweet little mid-century coffee table instead. We needed something small and portable for the living room since our proper coffee table is stored away, having a busy small boy trashing the place the £5 price tag sounded just right. The table was very knackered, I went down to the shed to take the ‘before’ picture only to find hubby sanding it furiously. A layer of linseed oil and it was done. It looks a thousand times better and we are contemplating what colour to paint the edges and legs.



The flowers are slowly fading away and I am trying to collect things to dry for autumnal display. I have several small living room improvements in mind like swapping ugly cables for something more interesting, creating better toy storage and sprucing up our bay window which btw is terribly hard to photograph due to a stream of daylight, must catch it on a grey day. I also want to have a go at growing succulents indoors and perhaps even making a terrarium. I am also still looking for the perfect rug, without the big coffee table the room seems to empty.



I haven’t done a home DIY post in ages, I think the last proper one with before and after pictures was nearly three years ago so here are some shots of the transformation of one corner. Beware, it wasn’t pretty!

This is what we found when we got the keys.


And this is the intermediate stage. The sofa got some abuse and all the knick knacks had to be removed slowly as Freddie grew more mobile.


The present.


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  1. Victoria 4 November, 2013 at 7:15 pm #

    I love to see the transformation of other people’s homes. I know all too well about the hard work of turning a ragged old house into a lovely new livable space. I don’t have enough photos of the before of my house but I’ve committed those horrible images to memory. All the miles of tobacco stained wallpaper removed. Ugh!! And there’s still more to do. Your new little table is lovely. Like a little cousin of the original coffee table. And I still love your collection of old ceramic bottles on the mantlepiece. Have you added more?

  2. Erin 5 November, 2013 at 8:09 am #

    That’s a good steal for that coffee table. I’m hoping I give birth one day to a magically gentle and polite toddler who never messes with anything so I don’t have to hide furniture ;) Yeah right, I know. Your living room looks so cozy and inviting. I vote for a bright coat of yellow spray paint for the legs. Or metallic gold! xo

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