It’s May

So far this month…

… I’ve been to Oxford for a day, if you go you must visit the Pitt Rivers Museum – it’s got the craziest collection of ‘souvenirs’

…failed to go to the seaside due to the incorrect tickets/bad weather/ill husband

…Been catching up on movies, finally saw the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton documentary and Control. Both are very good.

…Watched the whole two discs of Jan Svankmajers’s short films, love love love his animation

…been discovering Spotify, Blondie and David Bowie are on my playlist today

…ordered a veg box from Gregg the Vegman, it arrives tomorrow with some fabulous spring greens and asparagus, cannot wait, hope it’s good

…waiting impatiently for strawberries and peonies

…rediscovering Kurt Vonnegut

…celebrated my birthday at Wolseley, amazing place

…failed going to any exhibitions so MUST go to Tate Britain to see the Van Dyck show which finishes this weekend; will also hopefully catch Baroque (not my favorite period in art but Waldemar Januszczak made me curious) and Hats at V&A thanks to my lovely friend with a membership card

…started all healthy diet and signed up for weekly Pilates classes

…started reading the best Chanel biography ever

That’s all for now.

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